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48 Hours of Exploring Toronto

Let’s talk guys about an exciting opportunity I got to visit Toronto, Canada for. Daniel from Grand Rapids Contracting and I were contracted to travel to Toronto to complete a renovation of a short-term rental property. The opportunity to work in a new city is exciting, but what makes it even better is that we had a whole weekend to explore Toronto after the project was completed. From iconic landmarks to unique food, Toronto had a lot to offer. In this blog, we talk about the highlights from our weekend in Toronto.

Day 1: Exploring Toronto

After landing, we headed straight to your hotel to drop off our luggage. Our first stop was the CN Tower, one of the tallest freestanding structures in the world, offering breathtaking views of the city. If you’re feeling brave, try the EdgeWalk, where you walk around the tower’s edge, 1168 feet above the ground, harnessed to a safety rail.

Experience the rich history and culture of Toronto through a visit to The Royal Ontario Museum. Over six million artifacts, including dinosaur skeletons, ancient Egyptian mummies and exquisite Canadian art are waiting for you in this remarkable place! Let your explorations begin today at the ROM – it will be an educational journey that you’ll never forget.

For lunch, go to St. Lawrence Market, one of the oldest and largest food markets in the world. Here, you’ll find vendors selling everything from produce to artisanal cheeses and baked goods.

After lunch, take a stroll through the Distillery District, a pedestrian-only village that is home to some of Toronto’s best restaurants, galleries, and boutiques. The district is a great place to relax and soak up the city’s atmosphere.

In the evening, catch a show at the Ed Mirvish Theatre, which has been a Toronto landmark since 1920. The theater is home to many popular musicals, including “Hamilton,” “The Lion King,” and “Wicked.”

Toronto, Ontario

Day 2: More Adventures in Toronto

The next day, start your day at the Toronto Islands, which is a short ferry ride away from the city center. The islands are a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the outdoors. You can rent a bike and ride around the islands, go kayaking, or have a picnic on the beach.

Then, take a stroll to the Art Gallery of Ontario! With over 90,000 pieces of art gracing its walls – such as those created by Canadian legends Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven – it is sure to inspire. Moreover, admirers can enjoy works from European masters Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso. It’s an experience that you won’t soon forget!

In the evening, head to the Queen West neighborhood, which is known for its street art, independent boutiques, and trendy restaurants. The area is a great place to grab dinner and drinks before heading back to your hotel.

Toronto is a city full of attractions and things to do, even if you only have 48 hours. From the CN Tower to the Toronto Islands, there is something for everyone. So, make sure to schedule some free time during your trip to explore the city and all it has to offer. We hope you enjoyed reading my recommendations of things to do on your weekend trip to Toronto!

P.S. The short-term rental looks AMAZING! Pictures of the listing coming soon. If you plan to stay in Toronto, let us know!…

10 Best Tourist Locations In Siberia

Siberia is a vast region located in Russia and spanning across 8.1 million square miles. It is the land of immense beauty, with its expansive larch forests, never-ending steppes, and the majestic Ural Mountains. Throughout the years, the area has remained as one of Russia’s best-kept secrets; however, it is now becoming increasingly popular due to its diverse landscape and an abundance of tourist attractions. Here are 10 of the best tourist locations in Siberia that you must visit:

1. Altai Mountains — The Altai Mountains offer plenty to explore for those who appreciate nature. You can take part in activities such as fishing and hiking through the pristine wilderness or simply relax by a glacial lake. You can also explore some of the oldest rock art in Siberia here, including several petroglyphs dating back thousands of years!

2. Lake Baikal — At 1,637 meters deep, Lake Baikal is considered to be one of the deepest lakes in the world and is widely known as “the Pearl of Siberia”. Its crystal clear turquoise waters make it perfect for swimming and kayaking while its surrounding views are both stunning and awe-inspiring all at once!

3. Mount Belukha — Mount Belukha stands proud at 4,506 meters high making it the highest mountain peak in Siberia! People from all around come here to hike up this impressive mountain and admire its incredible panoramic views from above! In addition to this, Mount Belukha is also known for being a holy site amongst local shamans so you may even get a chance to learn something unique here too!

4. Krasnoyarsk — This large city located on the Yenisei River offers plenty of modern amenities such as shopping malls, cinemas and parks for tourists to enjoy during their stay in Siberia! However if you want to take a break from city life there are also some historical monuments located nearby including Stolby Nature Reserve where visitors can get up close with Mother Nature herself!

5. Tomsk — This charming small city located near Siberia’s main river makes for a great place to visit if you’re looking for some peace and quiet away from all the hustle bustle usually associated with cities such as Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk! Tomsk also offers plenty of interesting sights such as churches, museums and old wooden buildings which help give visitors an insight into what traditional Russian life used to look like centuries ago!

6. Yekaterinburg — Located right between Europe & Asia lies Yekaterinburg – home to numerous museums which document local history while offering visitors an insight into how Russians lived back during Imperial times! The city also has plenty other attractions such as theatres & parks plus plenty more cultural attractions too so there’ll never be any shortage things to do here either !

7. Irkutsk — Situated close by Lake Baikal lies Irkutsk – another charming small city filled with rich culture & heritage making it perfect stop off point before heading further east towards Mongolia or China! Here visitors can explore some fascinating places such as Decembrists House where exiled revolutionaries were once held whilst admiring beautiful views along Angara River that flows through town !

8. Khabarovsk — Follow along Amur River & visit Khabarovsk – a vibrant city filled with many stunning example of classical architecture set against picturesque countryside backdrop ! Although today Khabarovsk is known mostly for its business opportunities it still holds onto few traces from past when Chinese immigrants settled down here couple centuries ago !

9. Omsk — Take trip back time & explore Omsk – capital city located western part Siberian region near Urals ! Here you’ll find plethora interesting sights ranging from old cathedrals built under Catherine II rule extravagant palaces constructed turn 19th century onwards ! Plus don’t forget wander around town centre too get glimpse everyday life locals been experiencing hundreds years !

10 Novosibirsk – Last but certainly not least we have Novosibirsk – urban centre considered largest Siberian cities population size wise famous being home lively opera theatre intriguing Memorial Complex called ‘Memory Lane’ honouring victims Second World War ! During your visit try sample local delicacies savoury pancakes called ‘blini’ wash them down traditional Russian beer ensure unforgettable experience guaranteed go down history books long time come !