Adios Book

"I went to pick my cousin up from preschool and there stuff was way better than this"
- E-mail from Kyle Barker

A wild and ferocious artbook displaying Finnish contemporary artist, compiled by Konsta Ojala Adios III is a lavishly produced book, with goldprint, extra glossy paper and filled with over the top art and design from the Finnish artscene Edited by Konsta Ojala.

Adios is a an artanthology that embraces wild street art, brutal fanzine culture and art as an alternative way of doing, experiencing and living. The contributors are internationally renowned finnish artists who have been overlooked by the stale artgallery landscape of Finland Artists: Germes, Mark Kuivanen, Janne Martola, Tommi Musturi, Samu Nyholm, Konsta Ojala, Sauli Sirviö, Timo Vaittinen ja Vilunki3000.

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Price 40 euros including postage for Europe and US.

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